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Lee Kvern’s much-anticipated new collection contains stories which revolve around humanity in all its flawed glory: an artist’s girlfriend dies by mistake; a mother holds surveillance on her son’s foray into drugs; a sibling’s jealousy toward her sickly brother; a father’s death; a mother’s fear for her unbridled, grade two son; a woman with a hijab in the modern world of Save-on groceries. An arborist, his wife and a Shar-Pei are in need of an attitude adjustment; a dying senior looks back over her life, her children, her lost love; RCMP and prostitutes come for tea on a Wednesday afternoon.

“This robust and lively collection of 13 stories will surely affirm Lee Kvern’s reputation as one of our foremost fiction writers … comparable, in their psychological nuance and intricacy, to the work of Alice Munro and Anton Chekhov … Hers is a keen, generous and unflinching eye, a mind sensitive to humour and irony … 7 Ways to Sunday is a work of remarkable compassion and grace.” – Alberta Views 

“Lee Kvern’s recent short story collection, 7 Ways to Sunday, succeeds in bringing its readers a rich world of descriptive prose and a depth of reflection rarely found in the high realist tradition of the Canadian short story collection … the reader can trust Kvern to excite both their imagination and sense of home.” – FreeFall Magazine

“Lee Kvern is one of those generous writers who leaves her heart and intelligence on every page. And what a big heart it is. What a marvellously vibrant, wholly original intelligence.”  – Barbara Gowdy

“wild instead of farmed, 20-some years of stories gathered together for the first time instead of a carefully curated collection … I loved this book, hooked by the first story” – Pickle Me This

“What sets this collection apart is its emotional intensity and rawness, conveyed by prose that is at once lively and laden with rich descriptions.” – The Winnipeg Review


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