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Forgetting How to Breathe is a strong engaging story of a young girl and her quest for stability in life. Tia’s journey is real and challenging. She is aware and sensitive to the path she is on, but has no way of foreseeing the series of events that will help her find focus and balance. As I read the story I thought about my own teen years and a part of me somehow felt that I could identify with Tia” – Fred Penner


Thirteen-year-old Tia is angry. Her mother has disappeared and she and her eight-year-old brother, Tag, have been sent to yet another foster home.

In the heart of lake country, Tia feels isolated and farther away from her mother than ever. She desperately tries to convince her brother to return to the city and find her family.

But when a freak spring snowstorm and a herd of ranaway horses lead her to a job and the Ice Pony Ranch and Animal Rescue Centre, Tia find a way to deal with the hurt of the past and accept the love that surrounds her.


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