The Early Years of John Wesley Dafoe

This is the story of the formative years of Canada’s most famous newspaper editor, John Wesley Dafoe. Written by his grandson, it is an honest account of the man that his family and his friends knew, from his unpromising beginnings in the backwoods of pre-Confederation Ontario to his early and unexpected success in nineteenth century Canadian journalism. It includes an examination of Dafoe’s family background, his education, his early career, his rise as a national and international figure and his lifelong search for a true Canadian identity. Some of it is told in his own words, some is drawn from the recollections of those who knew him. It is a quintessentially Canadian story and one that is worth remembering.

Christopher was interviewed by CBC Manitoba Radio and CBC Manitoba Scene.

“The sameness of most surviving public images of John Wesley Dafoe might suggest he was born an august elder statesman … What Christopher Dafoe succinctly and successfully adds to the record “is the story of the man his family and friends knew,” a guy they simply called “Jack” throughout his lifetime …In Chris’s able hands [the biography] never reads like history. Rather, it reads, as he intended, as the story of a remarkable young man who accomplished greatness after he realized early that “I was born to be a scribbler and a scribbler I’ll be all my life.”  Chris, who was eight when his grandfather died, clearly inherited the “scribbler” mantle”  – Gerald Flood, The Winnipeg Free Press 

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