The Golden Age of Manitoba Radio

Before the internet, before TV, Manitoba was a hotbed for innovation in radio. Th ese innovations range from the fi rst publically-owned radio station to the fi rst play-by-play broadcast of women’s hockey. During World War II, a Winnipeg broadcaster was as well-known in England as Churchill. And Neil Young’s very first recording was done at a local station. These are but a few of the stories of early radio in Manitoba. In its fi rst half century, the medium was a powerful, revolutionary force that touched and linked virtually everyone in the province.


“Veteran broadcaster Garry Moir, familiar to older listeners of CBC, private radio stations in Manitoba and graduates from Red River Community College, manages to touch on the magic — the strong connection between listener and host, the business, the politics, the characters and a range of anecdotes and historical firsts — to satisfy a wide range of readers with this colourful history.” — Winnipeg Free Press

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