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EVERY CITY HAS ONE, a crumbling dilapidated hotel on Main Street that somehow escapes the wrecking ball each year. But there is life behind the dingy windows and to those inside, the ancient building is home.

Theresa is a naïve legal secretary who is sent to the Wiltshire Hotel to inform the staff that the building is slated for demolition. Inside the dreary café, she is drawn into the broken lives of the hotel’s only resident, Walter, and his rag-tag assortment of homeless friends.

Perry, the scheming hotel manager, sees Theresa as easy prey and presents her with a phoney business proposition. Tired of living in a tiny north Winnipeg home with her husband’s extended family, Theresa is desperate to find a way out for herself, her husband and their three-year-old son. She believes Perry’s plan is her ticket out of her in-laws’ basement and wagers not only her savings, but her family’s future as well.

Watch You Don’t Fall is a touching story about finding love and family in the most unexpected places.

“A charming and compassionate story with well-drawn characters and various local references that will warm the hearts of many readers.” – Winnipeg Free Press

“Once again Miss Von Kampen has managed to capture the human spirit and show us that each soul has its own path. The temple of the human heart is stripped naked and what is revealed is a touching and poignant tale of dreams and destinies.” – Micheal Teal, independent reviewer, Amazon.com


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