Colophon Prize for Fiction Contest

**While Enfield & Wizenty will continue to read manuscripts for the 2013 season, the Colophon prize for fiction has been suspended.  At a time when the publishing industry as a whole keeps presenting new challenges, we simply need to control costs. Nonetheless we will continue with the regular publishing program, with normal small press advances.**

Enfield & Wizenty continues to accept submissions for its 2013 season. The deadline remains Dec. 1, 2012.Novel submissions should include a bio, synopsis, and one or two chapters. Short story collections should have appeared extensively in Canadian literary magazines, and submissions should include one or two stories along with a bio.

For information on our first four seasons please visit our Enfield & Wizenty website; please note that we’re not interested in genre novels–crime, science fiction, romance etc. Simultaneous submissions are fine, but do let us know. E-mail queries are also acceptable; please use doc format only for attachments. Include e-mail address and postal address. For complete submission guidelines click here.

Submissions to: 345-955 Portage Ave. Winnipeg, MB R3G 0P9; OR