The characters in 10 Things to Ask Yourself in Warsaw and Other Stories are obstinately bound to the places they inhabit. Whether these worlds involve soccer fanatics, graffiti artists, or robotic teddy bears, the protagonists are violently thrust into situations where they can no longer play the spectator. The collection is edgy and urban, but the spectre of family also tugs at the characters across continents. Stories from this book have appeared in the Journey Prize anthology, Coming Attractions, Prism International and other leading journals.

“These stories are restless, sexy, delightful and weird — mirage-like tales, yet utterly convincing…” – Mark Anthony Jarman

“If this is the way fiction is headed — jaded characters, glib dialogue punctuated with the F-word, and nonsensical events — then the genre is in big trouble.” – Naomi Lakritz, Calgary Herald

“Romanik subverts expectation in a way that feels at first like plain quirkiness; then you start to get it. She’s entering worlds that are real, but rarely explored.” – Jim Bartley, Globe & Mail

“This a brash, abrupt, challenging book…it is also genuinely bold and intriguing.” –Joe Paraskevas, Winnipeg Free Press

“Whether you’re getting bored with the English language or you’re looking for a story that will kick you in the shins and go through your pockets for change, 10 Things to Ask Yourself in Warsaw will be a worthwhile read.” – Brock Peters, Uniter

“…while Romanik’s stories are short, they are rarely simple. And they most certainly aren’t easily forgotten.” – Debby Waldman, Edmonton Journal

“A manically, maniacally inventive book… an emphatic, striking debut.” – Shane Neilson, The Fiddlehead


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