7 Ways To Sunday

7 Ways To Sunday

Lee Kvern



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Lee Kvern’s much-anticipated new collection contains stories which revolve around humanity in all its flawed glory: an artist’s girlfriend dies by mistake; a mother holds surveillance on her son’s foray into drugs; a sibling’s jealousy toward her sickly brother; a father’s death; a mother’s fear for her unbridled, grade two son; a woman with a hijab in the modern world of Save-on groceries. An arborist, his wife and a Shar-Pei are in need of an attitude adjustment; a dying senior looks back over her life, her children, her lost love; RCMP and prostitutes come for tea on a Wednesday afternoon.

“This robust and lively collection of 13 stories will surely affirm Lee Kvern’s reputation as one of our foremost fiction writers … comparable, in their psychological nuance and intricacy, to the work of Alice Munro and Anton Chekhov … Hers is a keen, generous and unflinching eye, a mind sensitive to humour and irony … 7 Ways to Sunday is a work of remarkable compassion and grace.” – Alberta Views 

“Lee Kvern’s recent short story collection, 7 Ways to Sunday, succeeds in bringing its readers a rich world of descriptive prose and a depth of reflection rarely found in the high realist tradition of the Canadian short story collection … the reader can trust Kvern to excite both their imagination and sense of home.” – FreeFall Magazine

“Lee Kvern is one of those generous writers who leaves her heart and intelligence on every page. And what a big heart it is. What a marvellously vibrant, wholly original intelligence.”  – Barbara Gowdy

“wild instead of farmed, 20-some years of stories gathered together for the first time instead of a carefully curated collection … I loved this book, hooked by the first story” – Pickle Me This

“What sets this collection apart is its emotional intensity and rawness, conveyed by prose that is at once lively and laden with rich descriptions.” – The Winnipeg Review


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About the Author

Lee Kvern

LEE KVERN is the award-winning author of short stories and novels. Afterall, selected for 2013 Canada Reads (Regional), also nominated for Alberta Books Awards. The Matter of Sylvie nominated for Alberta Book Awards and Ottawa Relit Award. Her short stories are also well celebrated: National winner CBC Literary Award, winner: Western Magazine Awards, Hazel Hilles Memorial Short Fiction Prize, Howard ‘O’ Hagan Award. Her work has been produced for CBC Radio, published in Event, Descant, Air Canada enRoute, and subTerrain. On-line: Joyland.ca, Foundpress.com, LittleFiction.com, and www.leekvern.com. She lives outside Calgary, Alberta