A Glass Darkly

A Glass Darkly

Gail Sidonie Sobat


A Novel

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WONDERS BECKON BEYOND the glass device of the devious Morton Winter! But with such wonders comes great peril, as children disappear. Nevertheless, the intrepid witch Ingamald and the twelve-fingered girl Yda pass through to the other side, searching for the means to thaw their own frozen world, Hinterlünd.

Ingamald and her young charge, Yda, step through the mirror and search the land of Gyldden for a solution to the problem of their own frozen land: how to overcome Lord Morton Winter and free Hinterlund.

On their journey, they meet a collection of carnival performers; Reid, the verbose librarian; two wild pirate wenches; talking trees and a magical green piper. From these encounters they learn that Gyldden is not as it first seems. Children are missing! Misdeeds are afoot! A green dragon is aflight!

Ingamald must use her wiles and magic as she peers through a glass darkly into the mysteries of this troubled otherworld.

  • FINALIST: R. Ross Annett Award for Children’s Literature

“With a fantastically stylized narrative and a diverse cast of characters, Albertan Gail Sidonie Sobat brings her gorgeous Ingamald trilogy to a close. With Sobat’s style further developed in a new world, she addresses moral and ethical dilemmas not seen before in young adult literature.” — Calgary Herald

“It is very rare to see such beautiful and poetic prose in books for adolescents. Her choice of diction and use of accents adds a unique flavour to her novel, allowing the reader to truly feel as if they have been transported back to a distant world still filled with magic…” — Children’s Book News


About the Author

Gail Sidonie Sobat

Gail Sidonie Sobat is the author of five young adult novels. She has worn many disguises in her lifetime, including: flower seller, groundskeeper, teacher, writer-in-residence, parimutuel seller, and award-winning author. She now resides in Edmonton, Alberta.