A Store Like No Other

A Store Like No Other

Russ Gourluck


Eaton’s of Winnipeg

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EATON’S OF WINNIPEG was never just a store or just a building. It was an icon for generations of Winnipeggers. It was a place where many had their first job; a place where people met (by the statue or under the clock); a place where first toys, or first dresses, or first grown-up fedoras were bought; and of course, a place where people shopped.

The huge red brick building on Portage Avenue was, in many ways, a city unto itself. It had its own hospital clinic, fire department, water supply, library, and restaurants. It even had its own neighbourhoods – beyond the main store was the towering Catalogue building, as well as smaller structures like the power house, the parkade, and the bus depot. But it was the people, both the customers and employees, who made the store what it was.

Manitoba Historical Society Award for Popular History

FINALIST for six 2005 Manitoba Book Awards

A Canadian Bestseller

“A well-illustrated, nostalgic treat. It’s a fond tribute to a city institution.” – Uptown Magazine

“This story of the jewel in the crown of Canada’s greatest retail empire packs all the details in.” – Canadian Book Review Annual

“Russ Gourluck’s A Store Like No Other captures many of the important and unique contributions Eaton’s of Winnipeg made to our city.” – Bill Norrie, former mayor of Winnipeg

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About the Author

Russ Gourluck

After a 33-year career as a teacher and principal in Manitoba’s public school system, Russ Gourluck is now pursuing his lifelong interest in writing. His first two books, A Store Like No Other: Eaton’s of Winnipeg and Going Downtown: A History of Winnipeg’s Portage Avenue were best sellers. Russ’s next book, a history of Winnipeg’s fabled North End, is scheduled for publication in 2010.