Bettina von Kampen


A Novel

JAZZ WAS HER TICKET OUT. Just as Charlotte is set to leave the small town of Norman, Manitoba, her mother dies, and she is forced to give up a music career to care for her ailing father. Now facing retirement herself, she must come to grips with a lifetime of choices and missed opportunities. Blue Becomes You is a beautifully observed story of hope and self-discovery.

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Finalist for the 2003 in Canada First Novel Award

“This is a beautifully written, sweet-natured, low-key novel, with delightful, fully drawn characters that stay with you like old friends long after the book is finished.” — W.P. Kinsella, Books in Canada

“Blue Becomes You is a magnificent novel about quiet dignity and yearning. ” — Kevin Patterson, author of Consumption

“Blue Becomes You is a poignant, beautifully written work of art that is bound to become a Canadian classic. Ms von Kampen has a wonderful ability to capture life in a Canadian small town and so very accurately depicted the reasons why some people stay, why some leave, and why others leave only to return again.” — Lethbridge Herald



About the Author

Bettina von Kampen

Bettina von Kampen was raised in Winnipeg, and has lived in all four corners of Canada, including Halifax, Salt Spring Island and Rankin Inlet. She co-wrote the short film Wink, and her fiction has appeared in Descant magazine. Bettina currently lives in Ontario.