Cape Town

Cape Town

Brenda Hammond


A Novel

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IN 1989, SOUTH AFRICA is on the brink of dramatic change. Oblivious and unaffected, Renee Pretorius, daughter of strict Afrikaans parents, leaves her beloved Karoo farm in order to pursue her dream to study ballet at the University of Cape Town.

Plunged into the turmoil of life in a city gripped by the struggle for freedom, Renee begins to understand the horrific impact of the apartheid system, and the racial prejudices she never questioned while growing up. When Renee falls in love with a student activist, she’s forced to make the most heart-wrenching choice of her life.

“…a fascinating novel.”   – Helen Norrie, The Winnipeg Free Press

“subtle yet visual and sensual … a clear voice, realistic plot, and complex characters” – Highly Recommended, Africa Access

“Brenda Hammond’s writing is visual and sensual, which is oh so appropriate for a novel about ballet and about an exotic locale.”  Marsha Skrypuch

“…an excellent young adult coming-of-age novel.”  – Ann Ketcheson, CM Magazine

“…Cape Town persuasively takes a monumental issue and packages it in a story of undeniable passion.”  CanLit for Little Canadians

“a poignant, coming of age novel about a young girl in a troubled time.” –LibrisNotes

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About the Author

Brenda Hammond

Brenda Hammond left her birthplace on the Gold Reef in South Africa to study dance at the Royal Ballet School in London. She currently lives in Ottawa.