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Chasing Baby

Morwenna Trevenen


An infertility adventure.

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Coming May 2022

Grow up, get a job, find a partner, have a family, live the dream. This was always the plan…with some deviations along the way. Using sarcasm and vulnerability, Morwenna speaks about growing up, finding love, and then struggling when the rest of “the plan” isn’t meant to be.  This is the raw and real story of one couple’s rollercoaster ride as they discover infertility, try various treatments, suffer an adoption reversal, and learn to make new plans and find the funny moments.

Read an article by Morwenna Trevenen and listen to her and her husband Kyle Collins on CBC’s Now Or Never.

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About the Author

Morwenna Trevenen

Morwenna was born and raised in Winnipeg and, while she loves to travel, and has lived in other places, she is proud to make Winnipeg her home with her husband, son, and Charlie – the very best dog. She has always fancied herself an artist, living as an actor, musician, dancer, and now is thrilled to get to add “writer” to the list. She is a licensed REALTOR® and decorator in Manitoba, and gets her arts “fix” whenever she can. She can usually be found out for forest walks, at live shows, with her friends and family, and/or wherever there is cake or ice cream.