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Nicole Luiken


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17-year-old Chloe fears she’s a Dud, a child born to two werewolves who can’t change into a wolf. If she’s still a Dud by the time she reaches adulthood, she’ll be exiled. In the meantime, she’s at the bottom of the pack hierarchy. But Chloe is a natural Alpha, unable to bow her head meekly.

While running through the woods, she encounters a feral werewolf with the opposite problem: he’s trapped in wolf form. Chloe suspects the feral is her old classmate, Marcus, who everyone believes died along with the rest of his family in a mysterious plane crash last year. Chloe vows to help Marcus regain his human self because giving up on him would mean admitting possible failure for herself, too. But she must act quickly. Pack law mandates killing ferals.

Coming Fall 2019

Praise for Frost by Nicole Luiken

“Nicole Luiken’s new novel is a fast-paced read blending military technology, the supernatural, and romance.” —CM magazine

“An emotional roller coaster and action packed novel, Frost will make any reader question the issues of commitment, ambition, and the meaning of standing alone.” —Stacey, 17, WhatIf? Magazine

About the Author

Nicole Luiken

Nicole Luiken wrote her first book at age thirteen and was published while still in high school. She is the author of seventeen novels, most of them written for teens. Her titles include Violet Eyes and Silver Eyes. She lives in Edmonton with her family. It is impossible for her to go more than three days in a row without writing.