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JOHNNY VAN DER ZEE is a talented hockey player and seems to have everything going for him in the town of Iqaluit, Nunavut. But his friend Kathy knows something is very wrong.

Why did Johnny deliberately crash his snowmobile? Why do mysterious accidents befall anyone Johnny gets close to? What is the secret Johnny is so desperate to tell, if only someone would listen? And who is the stranger with the cold eyes and silver hair? The one Johnny knows only as Frost …

In this supernatural thriller, Johnny’s friends and brother must piece together the reason for his strange behaviour to save him – and all of mankind – from Frost’s plan for a new ice age.

  • WINNER of the 2008 Golden Eagle Children’s Choice Book Award
  • A 2009 Red Maple Award Honour Book
  • A 2009/2010 BC Teen Readers’ Choice Stellar Award Nominee
  • A 2008 Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Best Book for Kids & Teens selection

“Nicole Luiken’s new novel is a fast-paced read blending military technology, the supernatural, and romance.” —CM magazine

“An emotional roller coaster and action packed novel, Frost will make any reader question the issues of commitment, ambition, and the meaning of standing alone.” —Stacey, 17, WhatIf? Magazine

“An unusual location, with believable characters, in a tale that builds nicely to a thrilling climax: what more could YA readers want?” —Sherry Hoy, Kliatt magazine

“This is an intriguing story with an interesting location and well-developed characters.” —Donna Gamache, Prairie Fire Magazine

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Nicole Luiken

Nicole Luiken wrote her first book at age 13 and published two novels by the time she graduated high school. She has since written one adult thriller and seven young adult novels. Nicole lives in Edmonton with her husband and two young sons. It is physically impossible for her to go without writing for more than three days in a row.