Haunted Manitoba

Matthew Komus


Ghost Stories from the Prairies

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Discover the history of Manitoba sites through the stories of the ghosts that haunt them.

Manitoba may seem like a quiet province, but its prairies teem with paranormal activity. A ghostly groundskeeper still does his rounds at the Delta Marsh Field Station; strange noises and apparitions of children in 19th-century clothing have been reported at Lower Fort Garry; and Mrs. Kennedy still welcomes guests to Captain Kennedy’s House—just as she did when her home was built in 1866. Haunted Manitoba shares eerie stories from all corners of the province and places them in the context of Manitoba’s rich history.

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Coming Fall 2019

About the Author

Matthew Komus

MATTHEW KOMUS has developed programs and exhibits for many different museums and heritage sites in Manitoba. Topics covered include everything from hockey and haunted buildings (very popular), to modernist architecture and composting toilets (not as popular).  Haunted Manitoba is his second full-length book, following Haunted Winnipeg. He also operates Winnipeg Ghost Walk, the city’s first walking tour on haunted buildings.