I Know Who You Remind Me Of

I Know Who You Remind Me Of

Naomi K. Lewis




Original and effortlessly clever, the stories in I Know Who You Remind Me Of capture the sensibility of a generation with no cultural inhibitions to overcome. Naomi K. Lewis’s characters bear the battlescars of adolescence and early adulthood – scars left when one classmate impersonates another in Internet pornography; a lover donates his eyeball in the heat of passion; sibling rivalry escalates into a low orbit. For these characters, everything is straight-on, never coy, and often deliciously funny.

Stories from this collection have appeared in the Journey Prize anthology, the Fiddlehead, The New Quarterly, and other journals.

Winner of the 2012 Colophon Prize

Finalist for the 2013 Georges Bugnet Award for Fiction

“Full of sympathy and hilarity, the absurd and the unexpected, I Know Who You Remind Me Of is a treat to read.” – Saleema Nawaz

“Naomi Lewis writes with x-ray wit and nervous elan, and her audacious stories portray our world as it is, vicious and sumptuous.” – Mark Anthony Jarman

“… funny, sexy and often provocative …” – Prairie Fire Press

“…an effortless, enjoyable read.” – saltyink.com

“From its title onward, the debut story collection by Naomi K. Lewis is about forging a future in order to spite one’s past.” – The Edmonton Journal

“Flowing seamlessly from the tragic to the hilarious, the nine unusual tales set mainly in Canadian cities, are eccentric and original.” Winnipeg Free Press.

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About the Author

Naomi K. Lewis

Naomi K. Lewis grew up in Ottawa and lives in Calgary, where she writes, edits, and teaches. Her novel, Cricket in a Fist, was published by Goose Lane Editions in 2008, and she co-wrote Spencer Beach’s bestselling 2010 memoir, In Case of Fire(Kingsley Publishing).