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IMPACT COVERS THE MAJOR floods of the Red River in 1950, 1997, and 2009. The book also reports on many other disasters and near-disasters: summer tornados, severe winter storms, the 1947 Dugald train wreck, the ‘Gimli glider’ of 1984, and large forest fires going back to 1920. Impact concludes with a portrait of emerging threats related to terrorism.

  • FINALIST for the Alexander Kennedy Award for Non-Fiction
  • FINALIST for the Margaret McWilliams Award for Popular History

“From the Interlake forest fires in the 1920s to the unforgettable Flood of the Century, Impact offers surprising nuggets of knowledge about the province’s reponse when things go wrong.” — Jury Comments, Alexander Kennedy Isbister Award for Non-Fiction


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Brock Holowachuk

Brock Holowachuk is an Emergency Manager in Manitoba. He began researching the history of disasters in Manitoba to better inform his own work in emergency preparedness. From that interest Holowachuk emerged with a more personal picture of how Manitoba has been shaped by disasters.