Journey for Justice

Journey for Justice

Mike McIntyre


How Project Angel Cracked the Candace Derksen Case


It was one of the most gripping murder mysteries in Winnipeg’s history; a case that many believed would never be solved.

But thanks to the modern miracle of scientific analysis – combined with a dedicated police service that refused to give up hope – Candace Derksen’s killer was finally brought to justice.

Exactly 26 years to the day her frozen body was found in a shed, Candace’s accused killer went to trial. Ultimately, jurors found Mark Edward Grant guilty of second degree murder following three days of deliberations.

This is a story about a family’s loss, a community’s sense of peace betrayed, a seeming never-ending search for answers amidst a stream of rumours, and an underlying message about never giving up hope.

“well-written, organized, and comprehensive”  – Wilma Derksen

“Journey for Justice is an important addition to the library of books about the city’s history.” – Lesley Hughes, The Winnipeg Free Press.

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Mike McIntyre

Mike McIntyre is a justice reporter with the Winnipeg Free Press and a national radio show host. This is his fifth true-crime book.