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When a great earthquake rocks the Pacific Northwest, fifteen-year-old Rowan Morgan is hiking in a suburban forest. Tremors rip the coast from Oregon to Alaska and turn Rowan’s world upside down. After her father is wounded and taken to the hospital, he orders Rowan and her brother to stay inside his earthquakeproof, survivalist home. While the electrified fences offer some protection, it isn’t long before mobs gather, desperate for some of the food and water rumoured to be held inside.

Rowan knows that if the hungry neighbours had any true idea of the riches in father’s cellar and water tanks, they wouldn’t be so easily sent away. Early one morning, Rowan leaves the compound and sets off in search of her father. She is turned away from the hospital and so goes to check on nearby friends where she finds a local gang has moved in. She escapes from them only to run into a stranger she met in the forest the day before. Why is he following her and what does he want?

SELECTION, Best Books for Kids & Teens, Fall 2014

“… emotionally complex characters who are believable in the face of horrific circumstances. Lockdown is an intriguing story, illustrating a true fear for many British Columbia residents. A worthy addition to school and public library collections.” — Recommended, CM Magazine 

“I would give this story a two-thumbs-up and highly recommend it for teens as well as adults … There’s just the right mix of suspense and action that keeps the reader barrelling along at break-neck speed.”  Susan Rocan, MyWithershins.com

“packs plenty of fault-line flash”  Shannon Ozirny, Quill & Quire 

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Maggie Bolitho

MAGGIE BOLITHO is curious by nature and over the years has been a soccer player, a horsewoman, a martial artist, a scuba diver (volunteer diver for the Vancouver Aquarium) and a cyclist. Before making her home in British Columbia, Bolitho lived in Australia. In Sydney her home was in a red-zone, the highest bushfire risk possible and it was there, when she trained as a member of the CFU (Community Fire Unit) as a firefighter, that her interest in disaster scenarios came to life.