Mike On Crime

Mike On Crime

Mike McIntyre


True Tales of Law and Disorder


Justice reporter, national radio show host, and best-selling author Mike McIntyre reflects on 20 years of Canadian crime coverage by offering up some of his most memorable true tales from the police blotter and court docket. From the lighter side of the law to the worst society has to offer, Mike has pretty much seen and heard it all.

“[McIntyre] is worth reading to find out what happens on these voyages into conflict and casualty from the absurd to the bizarre to the horrific, and from the sad to the unlucky.  Mike on Crime is an easy waltz through human weakness — it is fact without puffery.” – Winnipeg Free Press

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About the Author

Mike McIntyre

MIKE MCINTYRE is the justice reporter for the Winnipeg Free Press, host of the nationally syndicated “Crime & Punishment” weekly radio show on the Corus Network and author of five previous true crime books. He is one of the longest-serving crime beat writers in Canada, having started his career in 1995.