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The Mosaic Village: An Illustrated History of Winnipeg’s North End celebrates Winnipeg’s most colourful and distinctivearea which has produced dozens of famous and infamous Canadians. Beginning with the hopes and dreams of families who came to Canada in search of new lives more than a century ago, The Mosaic Village recounts the stories of generations of North Enders who shopped at Oretzki’s, Gunn’s, and Kern- Hill; who strolled along Main Street, McGregor, and Selkirk Avenue; who joined their friends at the College, the Deluxe, and the Palace. Drawing on interviews with more than a hundred current and former North Enders and extensively illustrated with photos (many never published before), The Mosaic Village evokes the flavours of perogies and kubasa, of bagels and rye bread, of Kelekis hot dogs and Oscar’s corned beef sandwiches.

  • WINNER of the Margaret McWilliams Award for Manitoba History
  • FINALIST for the Manitoba Illustrated Book of the Year

“With his fourth book…The Mosaic Village – An Illustrated History of Winnipeg’s North End, Gourluck has added yet another piece to the growing pantheon of books that celebrate a bygone era of Winnipeg’s history.” — Bernie Bellan, The Jewish Post & News

“Gourluck acts in the age-old historian’s role of storyteller who weaves together many threads into an intellectually satisfying whole to make this an intense and fascinating history of one of Canada’s most famous neighbourhoods.”      — Ron Romanowski, Prairie Fire Review of Books




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Russ Gourluck

After a 33-year career as a teacher and administrator in public schools in Manitoba, Russ Gourluck is now pursuing his lifelong interest in writing. His first three books, A Store Like No Other: Eaton’s of Winnipeg (2004), Going Downtown: A History of Winnipeg’s Portage Avenue (2006), and Picturing Manitoba: Legacies of The Winnipeg Tribune (2008) were best sellers.