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DENNIS STRONGQUILL was an Aboriginal RCMP officer who had spent his life protecting society, but he was helpless to fend off three ruthless killers who ambushed him on a dark Prairie highway just days before Christmas.

Robert and Danny Sand were two young brothers who had grown to hate authority. Laurie Bell was a struggling junkie with a fatal attraction to Robert Sand. Together, the trio embarked on a ruthless cross-country crime spree, leaving behind a trail of victims in their violent wake.

In Nowhere to Run, crime reporter Mike McIntyre takes you to the scene of the chilling crime, into the hearts of the victim’s family and into the minds of the perpetrators, capturing every twist and turn of the case from the cold-blooded murder to the sensational trial.

  • FINALIST: Arthur Ellis Award for Best Non-Fiction

“McIntyre provides a riveting but also poignant account of Strongquill’s murder and its aftermath. McIntyre is an excellent reporter who managed to gather an incredible amount of detail about all the main characters in the tragic saga and, as a result, his non-fiction account reads like a novel.” – FFWD Magazine

“Recommended for those who like a little more depth to their news coverage. This book explores the background of the individuals involved in the killing of the RCMP officer, and details the string of events which led up to the tragedy.” – Yorkton Community Post



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Mike McIntyre

Mike McIntyre lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba with his wife and family. He is the justice reporter for the Winnipeg Free Press and is the host of the national radio talk show “Crime and Punishment.”