A painting of a woman's face, whose tears are turning into butterfly-shaped flowers. Over laid with yellow Text: Overcome Stories of women who grew up in the foster care system.

Overcome: Stories of Women Who Grew Up in the Child Welfare System

Anne Mahon


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With a foreword by Beatrice Mosionier.

Abandonment, loss, endless transitions, self-reliance, continued persistence, and fierce beauty all coexist in this compelling collection of stories of ten women who journey from victims of the child welfare system to survivors, and beyond. These women face endless challenges, oppression, and trauma but discover their power through creativity, self-awareness, education, motherhood, and extreme empathy.

They decipher their personal stories looking back through the lens of their lived experience to contribute to changing the narratives of how people who grew up in in the child welfare system see themselves, and how society sees them. These stories create compassion and understanding, breaking down biases.

They also illustrate the direct and multi-faceted relationships between residential schools, the breakdown of Indigenous families, the perpetuated system racism of of the child welfare system and oppression through other societal systems. Many of these women are the voices of those who could have been murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls but have lived to tell their stories. Embracing their humanity, their courageous sharing teaches and informs us. These heartbreaking and inspiring stories will educate and create change.


“This collection of 10 women’s stories is not an easy read, but it is a necessary one.” —Winnipeg Free Press


Watch this interview with Anne Mahon on CTV Morning Live.


“The Foster Care System Hurts Indigenous Families.” Read an important opinion piece by Anne Mahon published in The Globe and Mail.


Watch the full video of the launch of Overcome at McNally Robinson Booksellers from October 6, 2022.


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About the Author

Anne Mahon

Anne Mahon is interested in people, their stories and making meaningful connections. She is chancellor of the University of Manitoba, and a committed life-long volunteer. Her three books all focus on marginalized communities where biases are being broken. The books are philanthropic endeavours with all author proceeds donated to an organization that supports the community each book represents. Her first book The Lucky Ones won the On the Same Page Manitoba Library Award. Anne was nominated for the John Hirsch Award for Most Promising Manitoba Writer. She had the honour of interviewing Michelle Obama in 2019. Anne lives in Winnipeg with her husband. Together they have three adult children.