The Boy Kelsey

The Boy Kelsey

Alfred Silver


A Novel

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The story of real life explorer Henry Kelsey as a young apprentice sent on an impossible mission, and what might have happened during the year missing from his extensive journals.

In 1690, on the shore of Canada’s Hudson Bay, a young Henry Kelsey longs to make his mark with “The Company of Adventurers.” When the chief factor asks him to travel inland to explore an endless wilderness filled with grizzly bears and wolves, and to establish trading connections with Canada’s First Peoples, he is eager to begin.

Hundreds of miles southwest, a few days east of where the woodland melts into prairie, Kelsey meets Meyokwaiwin, a young woman who has every reason to believe she will live out her life the same as her ancestors, with nothing changing but the round of seasons.

But things are about to change. For both of them.

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“This is a well-written and exciting account of a famous explorer.” – Helen Norrie, Winnipeg Free Press

“Alfred Silver is a well-known author of historical novels for adults. This book expands his audience to teenagers, with adventures and a little romance to interest them, and plenty of historical information and social customs worked into the story.” – Donna Gamache, Prairie Fire Magazine

“Anyone at all interested in the fur trade, or life in the bush, or any other aspect of early Canadian history will find this a fun and enjoyable read.” – Mary Thomas, CM Magazine

“A fantastic read, full of adventure and trickery, written in an intelligent, fast-paced prose, I would definitely recommend reading The Boy Kelsey.” – Sakshi Sharma, What If? Magazine


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Alfred Silver

Alfred Silver has been at times playwright, an actor, and a songwriter. He is the author of eleven novels including A Place Out of Time, which won the Manitoba Historical Society’s Margaret McWilliams Award. He lives in Ardoise, Nova Scotia.