The Green-Eyed Queen of Suicide City

The Green-Eyed Queen of Suicide City

Kevin Marc Fournier


A Novel

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BETHANY, A BEAUTIFUL and popular teen hangs herself the night before Halloween. Her devoted sister Rose follows her into a frozen death, and a city where trees bleed along the banks of a river of blood. Meanwhile, Addy is visiting from Montreal, determined that Natalie’s mother will give birth to her baby while she is there.

Set in Winnipeg and in a dark afterlife, consider a baby born in a snowstorm, one girl who never sleeps and another who craves blood, ghostly footprints and dangling corpses, New Year’s fireworks and an unexpected kiss, all tied to a legendary queen who lives in the hidden center of Suicide City.

“We’re dead,” he said. “It’s what you wanted, isn’t it? It’s what we all thought we wanted.”

From award-winning author Kevin Marc Fournier comes a tender, disgusting and extraordinary story of loneliness and confusion, loyalty, love, friendship and death. But also, life.

WINNER – McNally Robinson Book for Young People

GOLD MEDAL WINNER – Moonbeam Awards, general fiction

“The author skillfully paints a vivid picture of two worlds, one utterly real, the other grotesquely fantastical; each one a perfect counter balance to the other.”  — Jury, McNally Robinson Book for Young People

“…the lively dialogue helps to reveal the personalities of all the characters.”  — Joan Marshall, CM Magazine

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About the Author

Kevin Marc Fournier

Affable and timorous, Kevin Marc Fournier is best observed in the very early mornings, when he can be spotted jogging along the river in his native Winnipeg with a vacant and amiably near-sighted expression.  He can be easily identified by his ineptly groomed brown beard and the Goya tattoo on his right forearm, but should be approached with care, as he startles easily, and may become confused or sarcastic.