The House on Sugarbush Road

The House on Sugarbush Road

Méira Cook


A Novel


The House on Sugarbush Road, set in post-apartheid Johannesburg shortly after the 1994 election of Nelson Mandela, is the story of the intertwining lives of a once prominent liberal Afrikaner family and Beauty Mapule, their domestic servant of more than thirty years. Cook’s intimately interconnected and finely drawn characters are white, black, rich, poor, beautiful, ugly, old and young; they are also hustlers, do-gooders, petty criminals and sensualists, heading towards dramatic explosions both inevitable and unexpected.

“The novel is driven by a fascinating cast of characters and superb technique … Cook has written a powerful, lyrical novel that ends quietly but with profound impact.”
— Quill & Quire

“Méira Cook is an extremely talented writer, and this spellbinding book deserves to be nominated for every major literary award.”
— Prairie Fire Press

“I finished The House on Sugarbush Road stunned at the sheer life on its pages. The beauty of the language, the author’s eye for moving and incongruous detail, her understanding of the searing realities of post-Apartheid South Africa – all are extraordinary. What Méira Cook especially grasps and explores with great delicacy are the ties that bind her characters together: a shared past, but also greed, need, and something approaching love.”
— Joan Thomas, author of Curiosity

The House on Sugarbush Road also begins to resonate insistently with other, similarly disposed recent novels, among them, South African master J.M. Coetzee’s Disgrace and Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost. That’s very good company for Cook to keep.”
— The Winnipeg Free Press

 WINNER – McNally Robinson Manitoba Book of the Year

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About the Author

Méira Cook

Méira Cook was born in Johannesburg and worked as a journalist in South Africa. Since coming to Canada, she has published widely as a poet, and won the CBC Literary Award for poetry in 2006. Cook lives in Winnipeg.