Cover image for The Truth About The Barn, featuring a barn in a farmer's field

The Truth About The Barn

David Elias


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The Truth About the Barn offers answers to important questions about how barns came into being, why they look the way they do, why they’re worth reflecting on, and what possible future they may have. With wit and romanticism, David Elias investigates the barn’s place in culture and religion, art and literature, exploring psychological and philosophical implications of barns over time.

Praise for Elizabeth of Bohemia

“Elias’ use of language to re-create the period is striking. A highly readable telling of a royal fall from grace.” — Kirkus Reviews

“…well-researched, extremely fluid novel…Greatly sensitive to readers’ needs and interests… a solid, resonant depiction of a woman who made the best of trying circumstances.” — Booklist

“Written in an accessible variant of Old English, Elias’s novel immerses readers wholly in the language, culture, and politics of the ultimate game of thrones.” — Library Journal

About the Author

David Elias

David Elias is the author of six books, most recently Elizabeth of Bohemia. His fiction has been nominated for a number of awards, including the Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction for Elizabeth of Bohemia, The Books in Canada First Novel Award for Sunday Afternoon and The Journey Prize for his short story, How I Crossed Over. His work has appeared in literary magazines and anthologies across the country, and in addition to writing he spends time as an editor, writer-in-residence, mentor and creative writing instructor. He lives in Winnipeg, Canada.