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After Ruth moves into a suite in Winnipeg’s Hamilton House she discovers that world-famous seances were hosted in the building in the 1920s, led by Dr. Hamilton and his wife Lillian. Ruth, against the wishes of her conservative Mennonite family, delves into the house’s uncanny history and develops a fascination with the Hamilton family and the house they have both lived in.

Ruth also falls in love with and marries a medical student, Lon. When a tragedy befalls Lon, his mother Naomi moves into the Hamilton House to be closer to Ruth. Their search to understand loss and love transgresses social rules and brings the women together in unexpected ways.

  • FINALIST: Eileen McTavish Sykes Award for Best First Book
  • FINALIST: Carol Shields/City of Winnipeg Book Award

“Suffused with desire and loss, Widows of Hamilton House reveals to us a new kind of haunting.” – Warren Cariou, author of Lake of the Prairies

“Penner uses the Hamilton legacy as a vehicle to convey feelings of love and sorrow more than one might expect in a work based on these astonishing paranormal events.” – Chris Rutkowski, Winnipeg Free Press

“Penner’s debut novel is a triumph in her presentation of love as having more than one form.” – Mary Barnes, Prairie Fire

“Penner writes beautiful prose with humour and poignancy.” – Lori Matties, Rhubarb Magazine

“Christina Penner is a talented and touching writer with the rare gift of conveying profound emotion to her readers.”  – Carol Shields Winnipeg Book Award jury comments

“Penner has created a story of love, desire, mourning and loss that is utterly original.  It attempts nothing short of changing the way we read.” – Angie Abdou



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Christina Penner

Christina Penner has lived in Saskatchewan, California and Manitoba. She holds degrees in Biology and Literature. Currently she teaches in the Computer Science Department at the University of Manitoba. When she moved to Winnipeg in 1991 she often visited the gift store on the main floor of the Hamilton House. She lives in Winnipeg with her family.