Wolf Summer

Wolf Summer

Rob Keough


A Novel

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Jake Lucknow is living with cancer in the strangely altered land surrounding the Gem Lakes, but can he survive his latest challenge—a mutant pack of hungry wolves?

Beautiful as it is rugged and unforgiving, the strangely altered land in the Gem Lakes Range offers Jake Lucknow life and adventure. Now, with his cancer in remission, he faces a new threat from the forest: a pack of wolves, unnaturally changed. They are terrifying in a way the world has never seen.

When tragedy brings a new and unexpected ally, Jake must find a way to stop the mutant wolves before their voracious appetites destroy everything in their paths.

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Young readers who enjoy adventure stories and fantasy will find this an exciting tale” —Donna Gamache, Prairie Fire Magazine

“I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure or wilderness stories and even fantasy fans wilil enjoy the sometimes otherworldly feel of Wolf Summer.” —Mansi Bindal, What If? Magazine



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Rob Keough

Rob Keough was born and raised in Winnipeg and spends his summers in Nopiming and Whiteshell Provincial Parks where he enjoys fishing, canoe trips and spending time with his wife and daughter. He is the author of The Gem Lakes, which was a finalist for the Manitoba Young Readers’ Choice Award.