We are a small press that publishes between 8- 10 books every year. We welcome submissions from both emerging and established writers who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.

We value stories that are unique and thought-provoking, and non-fiction titles that examine an undiscovered  or underexplored aspect of our region. We seek out diverse writers and stories that reflect the full Canadian experience and welcome submissions from BIPOC writers, 2SLGBTQIA writers, and writers living with disabilities.

We value the creativity of writers to use their imaginations and careful research when telling stories; however, we are mindful of appropriation. We will consider questions regarding Own Voices when evaluating manuscripts.

What we publish:

Non-fiction: Great Plains Publications is a non-fiction publisher with a focus on stories from the Prairies, specializing in history and biography. We are also looking at submission of creative non-fiction that bring the issues and voices of our region to the attention of the wider world.

Literary fiction: Enfield & Wizenty is a literary imprint with a national scope that publishes original novels and short story collections. Most of the writers published by this imprint have been previously published in nationally recognized literary magazines and newspapers and we encourage writers submitting to Enfield & Wizenty to acquire some publication credits before submitting their work.

Young Adult Fiction: Our Yellow Dog (formerly Great Plains Teen Fiction) imprint publishes contemporary and historical fiction for middle grade and teen readers across North America.

We are not accepting proposals or manuscripts for poetry, mysteries, fantasy, science fiction, or children’s picture books. Neither are we looking at how-to books, cookbooks, or self-help books. We also do not publish work that has been previously self-published. Please consult our backlist to determine whether or not your submission is likely to fit with our publishing program.

Submitting Your Work:

We are currently only accepting submissions in electronic format through our website. We are not able to respond to queries or to submissions that do not follow our guidelines.

While we only review samples initially, the decision to publish will be based on a finished manuscript. This should be available upon request.

Please submit the following in MS Word format to the relevant imprint:

  • a cover letter with your relevant contact information, a brief description of your project and the audience you anticipate for it, and why you think it would be a good fit for us.
  • a brief bio with list of previous publication credits, if any
  • a one-page synopsis or outline, with an approximate word count of the full manuscript, and if relevant, a description of any illustrations

Also, in one single, double-spaced, 12-pt font MS word doc:

  • for fiction: 2 or 3 sample chapters or 3-4 short stories.
  • For non-fiction: A sample of about 40 pages. If your proposed book is illustrated, please embed images in the sample or provide a description of your proposed work. Please note that you will be responsible for obtaining any permissions for your images should your book be selected for publication.

We will review simultaneous submissions, however, if your manuscript is accepted for publication elsewhere, please let us know so that we can remove your submission from our review list.

When you will hear from us:

While we do read each and every manuscript submission we receive, we have limited staff and resources and response times may be as lengthy as six months.

Due to the high volume of submissions, we cannot provide personal replies or editorial comments on manuscripts that we decline. Our editorial resources are focused on books that we do choose to publish.

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Thank you for your interest in Great Plains Publications, Enfield & Wizenty, and Yellow Dog