Welcome to our submissions page. Currently, we are not accepting proposals or manuscripts for poetry, mysteries, fantasy, science fiction, or children’s picture books. Neither are we looking at how-to books, cookbooks, or self-help books.

We do, however, accept proposals that relate to the following imprints:


Great Plains Publications is a non-fiction publisher specializing in Prairie history and biography. Our mandate is to publish books that are written by Prairie authors (Note: our other imprints are open to authors from across Canada). If you have a manuscript or a book idea that you feel has a well-defined market, have reviewed our recently published titles, and are confident that your book will suit our publishing program, send us a letter outlining your proposal along with one sample chapter. Please include a brief description of your background and publishing history. Submissions should follow our general guidelines below.

Literary Fiction

Enfield & Wizenty is a literary imprint that publishes original novels and short story collections by Canadian writers at all career stages. Before submitting a manuscript to us, consult (i.e. read) our backlist to decide if your work is likely to fit with our publishing program. While you may query us by email, we do not accept email submissions of full manuscripts except by invitation; attachments should be in doc format only.

When submitting by postal mail, send a synopsis along with a sample chapter (from a novel), or one short story. Please include a covering letter that summarizes your professional writing credentials (you may also include a one-page CV). If you are a novelist without any relevant publishing credits, you should acquire some before sending us your manuscript. Please note that we do not publish genre novels such as mystery, science fiction, etc.

If you are submitting a short fiction manuscript, you should have published a number of the stories in nationally recognized literary magazines, and you should list these credits and their dates in your submission; without such credits we are unlikely to seriously consider publishing your book. Submissions should follow our general guidelines below.

As below, please do not expect that we will make editorial comments on manuscripts that we decline. Our editorial resources are focused on books that we do choose to publish.

Young Adult Fiction

Yellow Dog (formerly Great Plains Teen Fiction) primarily publishes contemporary and historical fiction from Canadian authors for middle grade and teen readers. Humour is appreciated, as is romance. Stories can be set anywhere, though we prefer them to be set on this world, present or past. In the spring of 2017 we will publish our first Yellow Dog list. Our Teen Fiction imprint previously focused on titles for high school students to new adults. Yellow Dog will see our continued commitment to books for teens, while giving a home to titles best suited to Middle Years readers.  If you have been previously published by a traditional book publisher you may query by email with a synopsis of your story, a short bio with your previous publications, and one to three chapters of your novel as a Word attachment. If you are an emerging author or self-published author please send by standard mail a cover letter, synopsis, and the first one to three chapters of your book. Clearly state in your cover letter what genre, if any, your book falls into, the intended age-range of readers, and a word count. Submissions that fail to comply with the above guidelines will end up lining the pen of the Great Plains fainting goat (our first reader). Submissions should follow our general guidelines below.

General Guidelines

  • We only publish authors who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada
  • Use 8.5″x11″ bond paper with good quality ink or laser printing.
  • Print manuscript material double-spaced on one side of paper only.
  • Do not use coloured ink or fonts other than Times Roman 12 pt.
  • Include full name and address in upper left–hand corner of first page.
  • Put approximate word count in the upper right–hand corner of first page.
  • Use Canadian spelling, number all pages and do not staple.
  • Enclose a self–addressed stamped envelope (SASE) for our reply and the return of your manuscript (if you want it returned). Submissions without a SASE will be recycled.
  • Submit only one manuscript at a time.
  • Do not hand-deliver your manuscript or submit by email unless you’re invited, or are on our top-secret favourite author list.
  • Please inform us if you are sending your manuscript out to more than one publisher.

Address your submission as applicable to:

  • Editor, Great Plains Publications
  • Editor, Enfield & Wizenty; or
  • Editor, Great Plains Teen Fiction

1173 Wolseley Avenue, Winnipeg, MB  R3G 1H1

Due to the volume of submissions, we do not provide editorial comments on manuscripts. Response times vary and are sometimes lengthy.

Thank you for your interest in Great Plains Publications, Enfield & Wizenty, and Great Plains Teen Fiction.